Remedy Network & Entertainment: Talks with JoJo, Willow Smith and DJ Envy

Lets face it: entertainment in our world is powerful and greatly influences the culture we live in today. Last week, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to meet three influential people in the entertainment industry. I had the privilege of meeting JoJo, DJ Envy and Willow Smith's management team in New York City. Consequently, they were all included in a showcase in Manhattan called the FADER event. FADER distinguishes themselves as, "the definitive voice of emerging music and lifestyle that surrounds it." 

I was able to meet JoJo backstage and we got to briefly chat. I told her that I was praying for her and that she has people in her corner supporting her. The next night, I saw DJ envy outside of the event and was able to tell him the same thing. I think it's awesome that I had an opportunity to share with these stars the love of the Lord and that they are not in this all alone and that they have people supporting them. Sometimes the road to stardom can yield itself quite empty and lonely. This is one reason why I started Remedy Network. 

I believe Remedy Network can provide a platform to influence entertainers and provide a platform for them to share what they've learned in the industry. Also, Remedy will be a platform to where they can share what they've overcome.

One thing that I also want to cover is my interaction with Willow Smith. Minutes after her performance, I met with her manager at the FADER event and wanted to know if Willow was around to chat. What she told me truly opened my eyes and hit me like a ton of bricks. She said, "Hun I'm sorry but Willow already left. She's only 14. She doesn't stay at these events very long. She does her thing and normally leaves. t think she went to go get pizza." We exchanged information and I kindly thanked her for her time.

GUYS! This is huge! This opened my eyes to something:

1.) No matter someone's place in stardom, they seek regular and normal things

I know that Willow Smith is critically acclaimed and many have their own opinion about her and her rise to stardom. But one thing I know is true; the girl has talent and she is uniquely and wonderfully created! No matter where someone is in life, we can still pray for them and let know that we care. I am excited for Willow.

I am delighted to see more interactions with celebrities and Remedy Network. I believe this platform will change the world, and they way we see entertainment. 

-J. Caleb Perkins