By: j. caleb perkins

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About the Book:

REMEDY NETWORK is a practical guide for millennials who desire the courage to start an initiative of change and share their story. J. Caleb began Remedy Network Inc. after hearing the devastating news of Kalief Browder's suicide that occurred in the summer of 2015. Caleb left his corporate job at 23 years old and moved to New York City to begin Remedy. His vision is to see properly resourced millennials who are equipped to reach their personal and professional goals, well-rounded in their mental health and educated in all spheres of societal influence. 

About the Author:

J. Caleb Perkins is an influential leader, community organizer, public speaker and author of Remedy Network. He has championed the support and influence of politicians, activists, entertainment icons and successful business leaders on investing into the next generation. Caleb is using the avenue of media as a champion for social justice, healing , influence and direction for millennials in New York City and around the globe. 

Editorial Reviews

"This book is a must-read for every millennial who wants to change the world! By the time you finish reading this book, I can guarantee that you'll be inspired to use your story to effect meaningful change in the world." 

Paul Sohn, Best-selling author, "Quarter-Life Calling" & Founder of QARA

"J Caleb's journey will be a lesson for some, and a reminder for others, that what appears as hardship and struggle may very well be the roots we bury deep into the soil. The roots that will keep us steady and grounded when our dreams finally do take shape and our time arrives. This young man's faith is an inspiration."

Karyn Parsons, Founder of the Sweet Blackberry Foundation, Best Known as "Hilary Banks" Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

"Life is the sum total of our stories, and this book contains Caleb's stories--the day by day narratives that make up his journey in NYC. I love the fact that this young professional has put his stories into a book, revealing what he's learned along the way from both the triumphant and the tragic days. The stories are authentic, relevant and raw. You will feel what he felt as you read these pages and learn life lessons with him. Enjoy."

Dr. Tim Elmore, Best-selling author & President of Growing Leaders

"Propelling. This message that J. Caleb has for not only millennials, but for all generations, is so encouraging and inspiring to everyone as we all continue to trust in God and pursue our dreams! J's journey filled with unique experience in NYC, entrepreneurism, mental health, leadership, and leaning on God is one that will propel you to stay steady on the path that God's called you to relentlessly pursue. Read this book and learn from someone who said "yes" to the God-sized dreams on his heart."

Paul Daugherty, Pastor of Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, OK


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