NEXT EVENT: MONDAY, June 10th 2019

Hosted by: The Loud Summit

Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Workshop

Join the Movement and Join us on June 10th!

We are a culture that believes that all are called to a greater purpose! We provide opportunities for those in their 20s and 30s to grow in their purpose, learn from high-level leaders and place their dreams into reality. LOUD Workshops offer top-level training and bring millennials and generation z to the next level of leadership.

This is why we are thrilled to have an INCREDIBLE panel of men and women who are going to be sharing their stories, inspiring you with their lives, and giving you a glimpse at finding hope in the midst of depression.

Special Guests:
J. Caleb Perkins
- Founder and CEO of Remedy Network, Inc. and author of Remedy Network

Jessica Minhas
- Social Justice Activist, Public Speaker and CEO & Founder of I’ll Go First.

Kevin Saunders
- Inspirational Speaker, Spoken Word Poet, and Director of KS4Inspiration LLC

Sara O'Neill
- CCAR Peer Recovery Specialist. Celebrating 2 incredible years of sobriety

Event Partners:

CRU, Loud Summit


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