NYC - Dariel's Story of how Poetry helps him fight Police Brutality & Injustice

by J. Caleb Perkins - NEW YORK 

Sometimes I just want people to see things through my eyes. The people I encounter everyday, the many faces, the hurting, the broken.

In a city of over 8 million people, you're bound to see a lot. You see the adventurous. The lonely. The free. The enslaved. And sometime you see purpose within pain. 

As I was leaving a meeting in Brooklyn one day, I casually took the train home, just like any other regular day. It was a normal Tuesday. I took my seat on the train and began to read and think about my day. About 5 minutes later, I heard the commanding voice of what sounded like a young guy. This voice definitely had the attention of the train car, and everyone was listening-- including me. 

That day I met Dariel.

Dariel was giving a powerful poetic demonstration of the lives that had been taken by police violence and injustice in America including Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Sandra Bland. These stories have struck me in my own life as well. One in particular, Kalief Browder, inspired me to start Remedy Network in New York City in 2015. However, the most captivating and compelling aspect of Dariel's strong presence was not just his message; it was the means by which he delivered it. 

I met up with Dariel and congratulated him on his non-violent method to dealing with the adversity that he has faced in life regarding the turmoil and concern that police brutality and injustice has sparked within him. 

Whatever problem that we are facing in life, I believe there are solutions to our pain. There are practical ways in which we can raise awareness about the issues that we are facing in life. That is what Remedy Network is all about: encouraging people to share their story of how they've overcome and pointing others to solutions. I encouraged Dariel to share his story on Remedy Network to inspire other millennials on how to overcome their obstacles.

True life change requires a "method to move". In this case, Dariel used poetry to spark awareness in his city. There is power in sharing stories. But the real power comes in the methods on HOW we walk out true freedom. What vehicle are you using in your life to transmit true change? 

Check out the video below, and make sure you share your story of how you've overcome here

- J. Caleb Perkins - (Founder, Remedy Network Inc.)