Faith Wisdom: Born of Faith

I hope by sharing this story with others that it will help people know that they are never alone in what they are going through. For a long time I thought to myself “Am I the only one out here going through this”.  But really there are a lot of other people going through the same thing.  God has blessed me in a lot of ways.  He has watched over me from the time I was born till now.  So with this I will start my story out from the time before I was born.

    My mother was older when she became pregnant with me.  She had a heart condition that the doctors said she should not even think about having another child.  My mother told them that she was going to have me and that if something happened to her while giving birth to me then that is the way it was supposed to be.  She said that God would walk with her through this.  When the day came that she gave birth to me.  She was in labor for 36 hours.  She died giving birth to me, but the doctors were able to bring her back to life.  When the nurse asked her what she was going to name me she said “Her name is Faith”.  The nurse looked at her and asked how she picked that name.  She told the nurse the story about how the doctor said that she should not have me, and how she told them that she would put her faith in God to see this through.  So that is how I was named “Faith”.  Even with her dying giving birth to me she knew that God would walk her through it, and he did.

   I had my mother for only a short time after that.  She died when I was eight years old.  She had a massive heart attack at the age of 44.  She lived a hard life.  But I know that she loved me more than life itself.  She risked her’s to give me life.  I miss her every day.  Not having her with me during the most important times in my life.  Not having her there to see me go through school, get married, see the birth of her grandchildren.  But I know that she is watching over me and I am doing my best to make her proud.

   After my mother passed away in January my father remarried in May.  I was what you would call the true life Cinderella.  I had a new stepmother and two step sisters that did not like me.  My father married the woman that my mother did not like. I went from being the only child at home that had her own bedroom and playroom.  To the child that had to share a room and giving up my playroom to the other stepsister.  My father expected me to accept my new family. It was not easy to do since my mother had only been gone 3 ½ months and the fact I reminded her of my mother.  So During the summers after my father remarried I was sent to my grandparents in Missouri for the summer.  My step mom did not want me around.  That was the best thing that could have ever happened.  I learned a lot from my grandparents.  My grandmother made sure I knew the values of life, she taught me to sew, quilt and cook.  She was a big part of my growing up and the person I turned out to be. The memories of living on the farm during the summer are some of my most memorable times of my life.  I remember getting up at daybreak and getting the cattle in to be milked.  We lived on a dairy farm.  Those were the morning that I remember it being quiet and all you heard was the sounds of nature and the animals.  It was peaceful.  I learned a lot about hard work can get you a long ways in life.

   After I moved away from home I joined the United States Army during the Gulf War.  I did get to stay in the service long due to a leg injury.  But I did learn a lot.  During the time I was in I became our platoon’s chaplain.  That was a blessing for me.  I was able to help other people and be able to stay walking in my faith. 

When I was sent home from the Army with an Honorable discharge I came to live with my cousin that introduced me to my husband that I was married to for 15 years. So then my last name went to “Wisdom” Faith Wisdom. I know it is crazy how I ended up with the name.  We had three wonderful boys.  I could not have asked God for three better boys.  My husband and I divorced and it was not a pretty one.  But I have managed to be a single mother raising three boys that I am very proud to say that have not been in any trouble make good grades.  I stay active with them.  I know being a single mother can have it challenges, but it does have it rewards.  So for all the single moms out there always remember to rely on God and he will give you the strength.  I know that when times get hard and you think that you cannot go any further know that you are not alone. There are other moms out there that are going through the same thing you are.  Find strength in God and your friends and family.  Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.  I know that I always wanted to be the super mom, but every now and then even Super moms get to the breaking point. 

   During my life I have went through a lot and I am going to post each week something that I had to deal with in my life and I hope that it well help someone that is out there.  Some of the topics well be from when I was younger, losing a parent at a young age, having a step parent, the times I lived on the farm with my grandparents, to marriage and divorce, being a single mom of three.  The hard times that I have been through with alcoholic family members that were close to me.  Also  to the most recent, having to move due to a house fire.  How I struggled with my own faith at times.  There are a lot of other topics I will talk about.  I hope that through this I can help someone know that they are not alone and that God will see you through. “When you do not think he is there, is when he is carrying you”.