Freedom from pornography. David's story.

Hi my name is David and I'm from New Jersey. I am also a student at ORU (Oral Roberts University).

I received one of your note cards for The Remedy on tuesday night at 3D. I wanted to share one thing that I struggled with that God delivered me from. I struggled with pornography. I had a severe problem with it between 2008 and 2010. I decided in 2009 to make a decision to get closer to God. I listened to ministers of the Gospel messages over and over. I went through the New Testament several times. I kept on persevering even though I kept falling. During this time I was filled with the Holy Ghost and that really helped. I would be encouraged in my spirit from God and had unwavering hope that I could come out of this in spite how long I had struggled with it. In 2010 I felt led to watch the 700 club and that is when I received my deliverance. The desires had left me. From march 2010 through june 2012 I was completely sober from it. In mid 2012 I got away from God in a
big way. Things just seemed to hit me one after another. I felt like God let me down. So I turned away from Him. In that process I start drinking, got into an unhealthy relationship and opened that door to pornography again. I had no intention on serving God again and thought I was on my way to hell, but God turned me around. I was at the point of suicide preparing to jump out a window and I said God I'll give you another chance. The process to returning to God was a struggle, but with the help of my pastor, The Word of God, The still small encouraging voice of the Holy Spirit I pressed my way back to being on the path God has for me. The thought of going back comes to me here and there,but I have made a fresh decision not to go back. So I am still a work in progress, but my outcome is victory! About a month ago I felt led by God to start youtube videos in October called Men Empowering Men. Where I and or other people share our testimony, give brief
encouraging word, and minister through music. So to have this come across my path I felt was no accident. Thanks for handing this Remedy Notecard to me. The more I share my past with people the more free I become. I pray that this ministry touches and changes a lot of lives! God Bless!